Sunday, January 3, 2010


A education fair will be held in KLCC on 9,10 january..
Time i duno
Venus is KLCC i duno which klcc


This is to =WHOM= i C@R3

Yes, indeeed we all are miserable after the incident tat happen at sunway pyramid.. Hehe
but after i hear from everyone tat went to sunway on tat day, i realise that everyone is just complaining bout YILING tat who want to went back home early[p/s: i think is blamin]
but for me i'm the 2nd van guy, it's doesnt matter for me anyway..
Let me recall back the incident happen...
On 5p.m. , i went to pizza hut and prepared to have my dinner wif my frenz.. in the mean time, i received a cal from hsinyang.. i went to the top floor and met them and waited them to gather..
Hsinyang said want to celebrate birthday wif YILING since tat day was her bday..
BuT, YILING said wan to back le .. everyone face going SO BLACK >.< OMG holyshit..
everyone WAS dissapointed after heard tat.. hsinyang called YILING so many times and at last YILING appear but hsinyang gone .. yeah.. so funny.. me and pz keep play..
everbody looks upset..
some looks very fierce and scold.. =.='''

But, shouldn't u all ask the reason why YILING wanted to go home early?? or just suspicious tat
YILING wanted to go home without reason..
Haha.. i had a talk wif her and i just realised tat...
When at sunway,a imbecile daft told YILING tat pz and yangyang wan to back home at 8pm and the van start at 6pm.. YILING tell her mum tat she will back at 8pm something...
she had her dinner so quickly tat she cant even finish her dinner .. haha
i know i wasn't suppose to write it on blog.. but i think is not fair to her as her take all BEBAN!!!!
YILING scared her mum scold and wanted to back at 6pm immediately, u know!!!
she also hope can celebrate bday wif us de actually..
anyhow it is juz a erm ... erm.. misunderstandin.. salah faham haha

We all are frenz. rite?? shouldn't us forgive someone tat always our fren??!!!
like i say, YILING is a tianrandai!!!! she take all beban for herself... pity girl xD

Monday, December 21, 2009

Th3 Movi3 Of ~AVATAR~

hmm.. i just watched the movie AVATAR at guyney plaza at penang yesterday..
It's quite nice.. but the movie is quite long.. 2.30 hours ..
Avatar is a program that a human mind goes into a creature called the mika or wat..
a human called jake sully is a twins of thomas sully i think == i 4get the name
btw, the jake sully go into the aliens kampung and loved a ppl..
haha then the jake learn their living culture and learn to ride ALIEN HORSE and a flying creature... A dragon which known as TORUK is a legendary monster and ppl who rides it can unite all the clan.. lol
Humans attack the aliens village and jake wants to help the aliens, jake became the toruk moda which mean the dragon rider .. so sux name ==
then they fight fight fight.. jake change from human into the creature bla bla bla


Monday, October 12, 2009

To all my dear fellow frens..
youxian is here and this is the last time i can on for this month i think..
due to my monitor spoilt, i think i cant open my com anymore and i don wan it to fix to concentrate on my sutdy...
Spm is coming soon and i getting more stress from parents, family and well.. i suppose teacher..
i am going insane anytime,haha luckily my fren keep accompany me especially YT!!!
To all SPM candicates,
i hope u study well in this month because tis the onli month u can stay in school and study well~
be sure u plan ur time and use it benefitlly cause this may be the last month in the school.. so appreciate it b4 it's too late...
To my yt~~
haha.. Pmr is finish and i hope u can get flying colour in your exam.. finally u had finished ur Pmr and me onli jz fight for my SPM~~~ haha.. o ya, be more confidence in future in all things.. piano oso must do well.. concert ma, jz a small matter.. i think u can make it perfect but i'm sorry for cant attendin the concert where you performancing your piano skill hehe.. anyway anyhow i hope u always smile and don give urself too pressure ya~~ happy always

this post is made by youxian.. 12/10/2009 11.54pm .. haha

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Today is my last day of trial Exam... EST~~
Isomnia .. it talk bout sleep disorder ==
Ytd, 8 of us decided to go to pizza hut to celebrate hsin yang birthday (003) after finish the EST paper at 10.30 ....
But .. SOMETHING TERRIFIC happen....
some of the students went out and some left inside the school..
we wanted to go out for sure... but the guard dont allow us..
There is some thing INTERESTING happen between me and him..
First, i saw a form 6 girl walk out the school main gate but the guard don't bother her.. and i tot he also wont bother me.. But i am wrong.. a mistake.
Pz and me walk in front .. and the guard keep call me "boy,boy" and i din't want to bother him .and call pz walk faster !! GOGOGOGO!!! but the guard chase up and pull my bag!!! WTF?? he pulled my bag and pull me inside the school!! walao .. i look so malu.. haha nvm
Guard: Hey, u lahir dari Cina atau Malaysia??
ME(thinkin) Wat o?? cina ?? not china meh==
Guard: kamu bersekolah tetapi kurang ajar .. U lahir dari Cina atau Malaysia??
Me: Singapore
Guard: U balik ke singapore la.. mengapa datang ke sini??
Me: saya mahu balik ke singapore a tetapi kamu tak mahu bagi saya balik..
All of my friend laugh when they heard wat i said .. It's true .. i wan to go back SG u oso don wan give .. Wat can i do? kimak.. o0o
then we saw Pn.Lew poh peng.. she gave us the MT paper and i get 61 marks onli== So low..
then zhi wei sister came and fetch us to pizza hut.. i wonder wat she said to the guard that can allow us back...
We go to pizza and ordered two set 4.. 4 pizzas.. YEAhh....
Then, another thing happen!!!!!!!!
Melissa sms hsin yang tat faster come out of KFC cause police is doin rondaan inside kajang town.. == We all started to scare and i sms yee siang ... he at cc and i tell him to faster come out.. he call me and said : Wei, youxian~~ i now at police car... ICU come to catch us!!! OMG~~
lol.. this kind of lie only u can talk de la.. wat ICU~ Icu no catch this small small thing de la..
Everybody started to cemas.. haha..
but after 12.30pm.. everyone calm down..
at the time of 1.00 we start to give hsin yang birthday cake~~ Yea yea..
lol.. sit beside de table de erm... de DUNO DE FREAK ~~ hahaha.. oso today birthday.. they oso have a cake.. We sing birthday song they oso sing.. lolx.. two siao kia group at pizza hut lol.. we take some picture as kenangan.. haha

Friday, September 25, 2009


Correct == .. haha psps!!!! SORRY

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

penang trips

Last sunday i followed my family back to penang.. it's quite bored along the way.. so i decided to play com until midnight!! tat's a certainly a great idea.. Dont u think so??
i have played com til 2.30am in the morning and go bed at 3.00am.. haha..
i waked at 530mornin and started my journey to penang!!! my gosh.. so early.. but,along the way .. there's no traffic jam!! i think this is due to all the "malays" had been went back to their kampung halaman... == (sorry, i used rojak languague) i reached IPOH around 7.30 and had my breakfast at one rest corner.. i bought smtg like nasilemak.. ==
tat continue my travel to penang.. around 11.30 i reached there.. XD
monday 22/9/09
today i ate hokkien mee as my breakfast.. i want to watch the movie 'final destination4' .. and i go to queensbay which my c0usin drive to there.. he is same age with me but he is january born kids..== i tot tat movie start at 2.30 then i reached there at 2.00 but.. i am wrong.. gosh!! tat movie start at 2.05 but nvm.. it's stil can be watch.. i line up to buy the tickets.. when i want to buy the tickets.. tat ppl wanted me to show my IC!! WAT? my ic.. Fu.. i no bring and i am underage .. u !@#@##%#$^$%&!! hw dare u? ==
No movie can watch since all the tickets are sold out!! wat the.. all tickets! can u believe tat??? most funny de things is .. my cousin dy bought the popcorn and we don have movie to watch!? so.. how to settle the popcorn?? hahaxz we go to the da ji de place .. not cc la.. i went to borders and read some medic books.. its so tough and i totally cant understand even one words.. the essay for medic students is hard ..
later on. we go to the taiwan bull and ate some kind of junkkie food!!