Sunday, January 3, 2010

This is to =WHOM= i C@R3

Yes, indeeed we all are miserable after the incident tat happen at sunway pyramid.. Hehe
but after i hear from everyone tat went to sunway on tat day, i realise that everyone is just complaining bout YILING tat who want to went back home early[p/s: i think is blamin]
but for me i'm the 2nd van guy, it's doesnt matter for me anyway..
Let me recall back the incident happen...
On 5p.m. , i went to pizza hut and prepared to have my dinner wif my frenz.. in the mean time, i received a cal from hsinyang.. i went to the top floor and met them and waited them to gather..
Hsinyang said want to celebrate birthday wif YILING since tat day was her bday..
BuT, YILING said wan to back le .. everyone face going SO BLACK >.< OMG holyshit..
everyone WAS dissapointed after heard tat.. hsinyang called YILING so many times and at last YILING appear but hsinyang gone .. yeah.. so funny.. me and pz keep play..
everbody looks upset..
some looks very fierce and scold.. =.='''

But, shouldn't u all ask the reason why YILING wanted to go home early?? or just suspicious tat
YILING wanted to go home without reason..
Haha.. i had a talk wif her and i just realised tat...
When at sunway,a imbecile daft told YILING tat pz and yangyang wan to back home at 8pm and the van start at 6pm.. YILING tell her mum tat she will back at 8pm something...
she had her dinner so quickly tat she cant even finish her dinner .. haha
i know i wasn't suppose to write it on blog.. but i think is not fair to her as her take all BEBAN!!!!
YILING scared her mum scold and wanted to back at 6pm immediately, u know!!!
she also hope can celebrate bday wif us de actually..
anyhow it is juz a erm ... erm.. misunderstandin.. salah faham haha

We all are frenz. rite?? shouldn't us forgive someone tat always our fren??!!!
like i say, YILING is a tianrandai!!!! she take all beban for herself... pity girl xD