Tuesday, September 22, 2009

penang trips

Last sunday i followed my family back to penang.. it's quite bored along the way.. so i decided to play com until midnight!! tat's a certainly a great idea.. Dont u think so??
i have played com til 2.30am in the morning and go bed at 3.00am.. haha..
i waked at 530mornin and started my journey to penang!!! my gosh.. so early.. but,along the way .. there's no traffic jam!! i think this is due to all the "malays" had been went back to their kampung halaman... == (sorry, i used rojak languague) i reached IPOH around 7.30 and had my breakfast at one rest corner.. i bought smtg like nasilemak.. ==
tat continue my travel to penang.. around 11.30 i reached there.. XD
monday 22/9/09
today i ate hokkien mee as my breakfast.. i want to watch the movie 'final destination4' .. and i go to queensbay which my c0usin drive to there.. he is same age with me but he is january born kids..== i tot tat movie start at 2.30 then i reached there at 2.00 but.. i am wrong.. gosh!! tat movie start at 2.05 but nvm.. it's stil can be watch.. i line up to buy the tickets.. when i want to buy the tickets.. tat ppl wanted me to show my IC!! WAT? my ic.. Fu.. i no bring and i am underage .. u !@#@##%#$^$%&!! hw dare u? ==
No movie can watch since all the tickets are sold out!! wat the.. all tickets! can u believe tat??? most funny de things is .. my cousin dy bought the popcorn and we don have movie to watch!? so.. how to settle the popcorn?? hahaxz we go to the da ji de place .. not cc la.. i went to borders and read some medic books.. its so tough and i totally cant understand even one words.. the essay for medic students is hard ..
later on. we go to the taiwan bull and ate some kind of junkkie food!!