Saturday, September 5, 2009

Today, i go to Kasturi alone.. LOnely.. but nvm..
First period is chemistry.. redox reaction?? walao
redox is wat?? is a reaction tat have oxidation and reduction at the same time!!!
Electrolysis, voltaic cell, daniel cell.... WALAO.. i wan kisiao le..
WAT eletrolyte.. Electrode!!! Molten solution? or aqueous solution?? do u know tat??

bio more geng.. revise tat i duno de.. ==
WAt dynamics ecosystem... WAlao
all plants la, animal la..
Mutualism = benefit and benefit.. == (+,+)
Commensalism= one benefit while the other one no loss no gain.. (0,+)
Parasitism= one get benefit while the host lose (-,+)
Saphrophytism= a dead host.. == or a decay matter..

WALao.. is tat hard?? == nt yet? ok
Avicennia Sp, Sonneratia sp, bruguirea sp.. did u all know tat??
can u differentiate which one is the pioneer species??
and.. the tree have different kind of roots!!! WTF??
buttress root, knee roots, sltit roots, prop roots.. omg.. did u blur?? haa

Meiosis.. Metosis... WAhaha

A Kasturian always state that...
"Learn smart, Not learn hard" All the best to ur exam