Monday, October 12, 2009

To all my dear fellow frens..
youxian is here and this is the last time i can on for this month i think..
due to my monitor spoilt, i think i cant open my com anymore and i don wan it to fix to concentrate on my sutdy...
Spm is coming soon and i getting more stress from parents, family and well.. i suppose teacher..
i am going insane anytime,haha luckily my fren keep accompany me especially YT!!!
To all SPM candicates,
i hope u study well in this month because tis the onli month u can stay in school and study well~
be sure u plan ur time and use it benefitlly cause this may be the last month in the school.. so appreciate it b4 it's too late...
To my yt~~
haha.. Pmr is finish and i hope u can get flying colour in your exam.. finally u had finished ur Pmr and me onli jz fight for my SPM~~~ haha.. o ya, be more confidence in future in all things.. piano oso must do well.. concert ma, jz a small matter.. i think u can make it perfect but i'm sorry for cant attendin the concert where you performancing your piano skill hehe.. anyway anyhow i hope u always smile and don give urself too pressure ya~~ happy always

this post is made by youxian.. 12/10/2009 11.54pm .. haha