Saturday, August 29, 2009

TAg by nic

1. Is point to the required, not fill it to you on behalf of you do not respect people and the questionnaire.
2. Please answer each question honestly.
3. No unauthorized alteration subject.
4. Point exhausted requested to notify that a friend he was 5 points up.

Following these few, sorry, you are ... ... to the point! ❤

Full Name: Tong You Xian
Single or Taken: Single la.. ==
Sex: Male
Birthday: 1992.10.21
Siblings: One sister ..
Eye colour: Brown??
Shoe size: 9 Damn like this oso wan ask
Height: 170 =D

Country born: Malaysia
What are you wearing right now:CLoth [u idiot]
Where do you live: My house
Righty or lefty: rIghTY!!
Any pets: nope
Where do you work?: stupid question again
When did you start using Blogger?: 4get le
How much time a day do you spend on Blogger?: one time per week
Do you own a cell phone?: Yes
Do you like to text?: sure .. i love sms
Have any tattoos?: NO!! No tatoo

What did you have for breakfast: Food?
What makes you smile: EVERYTHING!!
Why do you smile: Cause i sot de ma
What or who makes life worth living: Money & frenz & family?
What do you like better, colored pencils, crayons, or markers: MARKERS
Do you think you are a nice person: no
What did you have for lunch: FOod?
What do you have in your cup/bottle: WATER
What time is it: SEe ur computer larh
What is bothering you right now: THIS LAME SUCK TAG
What color is your room: WHITE??
What color is your bathroom: BLue
What is your home page:
What do you fear: HIGH
What is beside you?: H2,O2,CO2,CO many many more
What is the last thing you ate?: CRAB!! so nice

Who is
Name two people you miss really badly: YANTEE & yantee!! wahaha
Where are they: Klang
Is any one mad at you: YES!!! I SUPPOSE!!! =D
Who do you truly hate: duno~ XD
Does any one like you: NO~~
Who is the last person you went to the beach with: Family~
Who is the last person you went to the movies with: Frenz..
Who is the last person you went to the mall with: Frenz..
Who is the last person to call you: Frenz..
Who is the last person to E-mail you: I duno
Who is the last person you E-mailed: no ppl
Who is the last person you called: Mum
Who is your hero?: STICH !! RAWR
Who do you know that is most likely to gossip?: -
Who would you like to go on vacation with the most?: Family & Frenz
Is there a person who is on your mind right now?: YANTEE!
One that always swears?: Sohai
The one that always gets hurt?: Me.. Sobzz
The one with the worst memory?: HAR?
The drama queen?: YanTee

Do you...
Do you cry a lot: NO..
Do you make people angry: Sure larh
Do you like who you are: Sure larh
Do you like the cold: No
Do you like the heat: No
Do you like to walk in the rain: COOL
Do you have any one in mind that you want to walk in the rain with: YanTee
Do you like expensive things: yups
Do people asking you too many questions in a row bother you: yesh
Why?: coz they Sohai
Do you like cameras: stil ok
Do you like taking pictures:stil ok
Do you like looking up at the stars: Yups.. it's beautiful
Do you like puzzles: Stitch puzzles!!
Do you like coloring: COLouring STITCH
Do you want to move: MOVE TO WHR?
Do you like the ocean: Yes
Do you think you are smart: Stil ok
Do you have a job: No
Do you have any siblings: Yes..
Do you get along with them: Yes..
Do you have any animals: FISHHY
Do you believe in magic: i believe in miracle
Do you have your own room: yes
Do you like clowns: Clowns is like joker? i hate them
Do you like going to the beach: ya.. can c liang mui
Do you like to blow bubbles: Blow job la sohai
Do you like candy apples: Noob ques
Do you like cotton candy: Noob ques
Do you like playing with fire: noob ques
Do you like to go to the mall: Yes..
Do you follow the rules or make your own?: i CR8 RuLEs~
Do you work?:No.. u sohai? keep ask same thing

Who are you?
Are you happy with your life: Nt really
Are you random: Dota meh?
Are you happy you are alive: yes.. i scared i die..
Are you a geek: No
Are you good at math: YES
Are you good at history: Sure
Are you good at English: YEs
Are you good at science: i pro at bio
What other languages do you speak: ALIENS
Are you cold: Yea
Are you happy: Yea
Are you sad: Yea
Are you confused: No
Are you shy: Yea
Do you feel comfortable walking around your house naked?: No
Non-stop partying or relaxing day by the pool?: Relax
Small town or crowded city?: smal town
Manual labor or desk job?: desk
If you could have any super power what would it be?: Stitch power
Celebrity you want to meet?: no
Weapon of choice?: Nuclear bomb fuse wif nanotech tat cant difuse by bomb expert
Do you sometimes get depressed just because?: tHis Tag~
Watch or do?: duno
Vampire or zombie?: Vampire
Now which would you rather fight?: noob la
If you could just walk up and shoot anyone, who would it be?: Cr8 this tag de ppl

Have You..
Given anyone a bath: no
Smoked: ya
Bungee Jumped: no
Put your tongue on a frozen pole: omg.. sohai
Broken a bone: no
Played truth or dare: YES!
Been in a physical fight: no? i am not pyscho
Been in a police car: no
Come close to dying: no
Been in a sauna: yea
Been in a hot tub: yea
Fallen asleep in school: yea
Ran away: yea
Broken someone's heart: yea
Cried when someone died: yea
Flashed someone: yea
Cried in school: no
Fell off your chair: omg.. i am nt tat dumb
Sat by the phone all night waiting for a call: yea
Saved MSN conversations: no
Saved e-mails: no
Made out with just a friend: MADE WAD!
Used someone: NO!
Been cheated on?: FORGOT~
Done something you regret?: YES!
Had your heart broken?: yea
Had a good feeling about something?: Yantee larh
Had a near death experience?: no
Swam in freezing water: no
Jumped off a house: no
Bungee jumped: SAME THING AGAIN!
White water rafted?: APA INI?
Pulled an all nighter?: DUNOE WAD...